SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art


In 2005 I moved back to California after living in Boston for ten years. In Boston, I began a body of work based on my recollections of the California landscape.  When I returned to California, these recollections became my everyday views. 

My new work plays off some passages from the old paintings and drawings from Boston with subject matter drawn directly from the northern California landscape. I do this both conceptually and figuratively. My current process involves collaging sections of older works into new compositions. 

The smaller works are collages done in a five by five inch format. The media for the smaller works include ink drawings, watercolor, graphite and typewriter font.  I strive for intimacy in these smaller works, confined to a set scale, as well as the challenge of keeping the images fresh playing with space, texture and line. 

The large paintings are primarily done in oil paint with passages of graphite and collage. Some of these paintings incorporate old plein-air paintings that I had done over ten years ago.  They are not about specific places, but rather try to capture a mood or a feeling that certain landscapes or conceptual spaces evoke for me.