SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art
Artist Statement


Marie-Louise Ullmark PhotoWhen I paint, I feel spontaneous and free. I am without restrictions. There are no rules for me. I just paint. I do it may way. I paint whatever I want and whenever I feel like it. What inspires me is everything that is beautiful and that moves my senses forward. I also get inspiration from people, nature, design, music, theater, film, colors and life in general.

I love colors, the strong, the subdued, the vibrant, the understated, the vivacious, and the refined colors of life. Putting those colors on to a canvas or paper is my journey. It’s an intuitive journey for me where I let the conscious and the subconscious work together to determine the outcome. The beauty of life is that you never know what’s coming to you the next moment. It’s the same thing with my paintings – I never know what the next painting is going to look like. Each painting is an adventure.

In 1984, I moved to the United States from Sweden and am fortunate to be able to live in both Marin County and in Stockholm during the summers. It has given me an opportunity to exhibit my paintings in galleries in Sweden and San Francisco. My work has been very well received in both places, where art lovers, serious collectors, corporations and institutions have bought my work. I have studied under Anders Wallin, the leading watercolor artist in Sweden.