SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art
Artist Statement


Carson TwissIt all started at age four with some buckets of paint, a big white piece of paper, and my hands. Slapping that paint on in a jumble of colors, I created my first, and by far best piece of art. I loved that sensation of creating something that no one else could, and because of that, art became a central part of my life.

I am now a senior at Marin Academy, where I have taken art classes for three years, specializing in drawing and painting. Last summer I took classes in drawing, painting and sculpture at the California College of Arts. Ever since my first years at Ross Elementary School, art has been one of my most favorite classes, and has inspired me to practice it outside of the school setting. My preferred medium is pencil, but recently I have done a fair amount of work using oil.

Aside from my artistic hobbies, I am a member of both the Marin Academy water polo and baseball teams, and I enjoy balancing normal school life with arts and sports.

— Carson Twiss