SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Spencer Shapiro was born in Marin County, California, and has loved ceramics since the age of three. He started his creative and boundless ideas with clay at age three when he started throwing clay on his own potter’s wheel. Spencer continued to produce works of imagination throughout his art classes at Ross School, Doodlebugs (a local ceramic art studio), the pool house art studio at home, and Redwood High School Ceramics.

He admires his ceramics art teacher, Ms. Liz Lauter, who has helped him develop a greater love of sculpture and creativity. Spencer is also a member of the Art Honor Society at Redwood High School which guides new art students and provides community service by maintaining art displays and developing Marin County art projects.

Most of Spencer’s ceramic pieces are finished with under-glazes, glazes, stains, and oxides. One of his favorite glazes is “celadon” which refers to transparent glazes. There are usually pronounced cracks and colors can be white, gray, yellow-blue and jade green. The color is produced from the iron oxide in the glaze or clay and fired in a reducing heat. Spencer also uses a range of techniques to form high gloss or stony matte finishes. Texture plays a large role in shaping the clay and he uses nature and ethnic influences. He uses colors to bring dazzling light and vibrancy to each piece. Each sculpture is unique and one of a kind.

All proceeds go to Spencer’s nonprofit “Saving Sight and Sound” to help the community underprivileged which is his other passion.

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— Spencer Shapiro