SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Anne W. Rosenfeld PortraitHow do you break away without breaking apart?

How do you leap into fresh creative thinking?

How do you achieve a new awareness with a well-known process?

I created most of the monotypes in this collection in an intensive six week period of work beckoned by a 21"x57โ€ press bed. My mission was to build upon my existing painting skills, but embark on a different inquiry. I wanted to capture just the intention of a form and then let the press have its way. I refused to allow myself to lean on any old habits and I would stop cold and begin again if I felt myself too comfortable.

As a visual artist, daily common iconography holds enduring interest as my inspiration and, by elevating the ordinary and heralding the commonplace, I attempt to notice and chronicle the extraordinary beauty within the ordinary boundaries of life. With each day I try to remember that it is my duty to just do the work and allow it to lead me. What attracts me to this medium is probably the uncertainty and unpredictability inherent in the process. I like the idea of not having full control and I derive special satisfaction in seeing what the press will bring to life and what it chooses to leave behind. Pressure as an agent of change can only lead me to new territory.

Mary Lee Rybar has been an active working member of the artist community in Marin County for over thirty years. Her first career spanned twenty-eight years as a flight attendant. This afforded her extensive opportunities for photographic exploration and cultural observations on the human condition under all kinds of circumstances. As an adjunct to her airline career, she started a gift business that produced individual hand painted linens for a small stable of retailers. Her gift business sparked an appreciation of all things โ€œof the hand.โ€ Most days, she is now grounded in her large airy painting studio in the redwood forest behind her home amid a rich culture of art, food and nature that are her artistic muses.