SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art
Artist Statement


I have been an artist my entire life, but it is now, after I gave myself to my family and the community for many years, that I have the time and the space to give myself totally to my art which is and has always been my passion.

I did not begin as an abstract painter – I grew into one. My work has been a life-time of growing and developing into the paintings I do today. I always begin each piece with an idea, but at some point in the process, each piece develops a life of its own and then the fun begins! The poet Genine Lentine said that “When people allow themselves to be themselves, they’re getting back something they already have.” That is what painting is to me: Getting back what I already have within my southern soul.

My work changes constantly and I once worried that I did not have a “personal style”.  Now, I revel in the joy that I am tied to no style and can experiment with each painting. After years of painting, I feel I have found my voice in my work and it gives me great joy to paint and create every day. My paintings are simply an extension of something within me. Each mixed media piece evolves from layers of natural papers tinted with watercolors, acrylic paints and anything that catches my eye.

First, I tint different organic, textured papers and then I collage and paint to build many layers which give the work depth and dimension. Each painting is based on an idea that evolves as I work. I do a series based on my idea and play with the design, color and emotional feelings within me.

I love to paint, but I also love to handle clay, paint, string and paper that I incorporate into my collage paintings. Each work that I do is magical and I don’t consciously know where it comes from or what it is… it just is. My hope is that my art makes the viewer feel – just feel.