SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Lizz Rinker PhotoI started doing photography when I was twelve. I did not have a good camera, but I enjoyed it anyway. I improved when I joined Beginning Photography at Branson. Most of my projects were done in black and white. I learned the developing process and developed all my black and white film. I photograph mostly on the weekends. The majority of my work is digital, but I occasionally work with film. I do not develop it myself any more. The only editing I do on my digital prints are cropping, resizing, editing brightness and contrast, and occasionally removing small debris, such as something that was on the lens that showed up in the picture. If I cannot crop out a major object, it stays.

I photograph because I enjoy it and its processes. I enjoy finding or stumbling on a good subject. I plan some of my shots, but a fair amount I seem to just find. I mainly photograph street scenes, people, or buildings. I particularly like abandoned buildings because they have lost memories associated with them. I spent a day of my 2006 spring break crawling around an abandoned and crumbling prison in Philadelphia. I enjoy photographing abandoned buildings both inside and out. The interiors of such buildings are often starting to peel, warp, and fall apart. They have amazing textures and small architectural details, particularly in older buildings. Graffiti or anything pasted on the side of a building is always intriguing. I also look for spontaneous street scenes and for the smallest details. I try to always carry my Canon EOS 20D with me and take advantage of every chance I have to find a good photograph.

Photography is more than a hobby for me. I enjoy playing around with my subjects and ideas. It is my chance to create stories without words and to have fun with the world around me. I aim to find a certain mood for each subject. For most of my abandoned building shots, I want to evoke an emotion of loss, a lament over the loss of such beauty.