SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Will PatersonWill was born in San Francisco, California in 1991 where he lived until moving to Marin in 1994. He is currently a senior at Branson High School. He began taking photography classes as a freshman. Since then, he has continued to pursue photography, but is also interested in film, graphic design and drawing. Outside of art, his primary interests are cycling and travel.

An image has incredible power - the power to stop time and the power to make abstract entities, such as emotion or greater meaning, tangible. The photographer dictates the way the viewer understands and relates to a person, place or moment. I use photography as a way to represent my perception of reality - to not only capture the essence of a place or moment, but to take it one step further and add a layer of my own perspective and interpretation. With the capture of a moment comes the question: what was happening in the seconds before and after this moment? In this way the viewer is forced to use their imagination and extrapolate the reality that I have portrayed. I seek to do all of this in a way that is visually striking. My photographs are clean and bold, emphasizing the vitality of details.

At the very root of my work is an artistic vision, characteristically my own. This way of seeing things transcends mediums; my photographs, films and drawings are all products of the same set of eyes and as a result share a common sense of composition. My work is formally and graphically driven, emphasizing lines and shapes, light and movement. It is my belief that art is nothing more than seeing and being able to represent what it is I am seeing so that the viewer may see the world through my eyes.

My work is often focused on the conveying of a sense of place. In every unique environment I see multiple ways in which to represent it - its shapes, its light, its architecture, its people. Each of these things can be used to represent any place or moment in time. Although the combination of all constituent elements may create the most “complete” picture, I am fascinated with the separation of these elements and the ability to depict a far more complex environment which they maintain even in isolation. Through my art, I hope to continue to explore and expand my ways of perceiving the world in which I live.

— Will Patterson

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