SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


My mission as an artist is to involve myself and the viewer in a dialogue based upon the interactions between ideas and narratives of a highly personal nature with those which hopefully have a more universal significance. My work is often on the cusp between the figurative and the abstract, with a particular focusing on elements of color, texture and composition. My main interest for the past several years, however, has been abstraction.

Good art can often appear to be simple when it is actually most complex. I like to think that much of my work has this quality. Pictorial space can be shallow or deep, or both at once, and the journey of the eye once it begins its engagement with the painting is always one of my central concerns as I bring the work to fruition. It is my hope that this visual play will continue to delight the viewer with each renewed acquaintanceship he or she has with the painting.