SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Max Houtzager 2010 ImageI first began taking pictures on family vacations, but then got into it in a serious way after I started snowboarding and surfing, and especially after I started mountain biking competitively. I wanted to capture some of the amazing moments one can experience in these sports and that desire led me down the path to becoming an aspiring photographer. Other key steps on that path were discovering Photoshop in elementary school, taking a fantastic digital media class at Branson, and great subsequent photography classes at Redwood and The RayKo Photo Center in San Francisco. I was on the Branson School mountain biking team and am currently on the Redwood High School team. I am also a member of the Marin based Whole Athlete cycling team and have competed in races in Australia and Canada, as well as in the US National Mountain Biking Championship in Colorado.

I now take pictures for my sponsors, for the marketing manager of Wilderness Trail Bikes where I work as an intern, for my AP photography class, and socially for fun. I am constantly advancing and learning new things and hope to continue publishing my work in bigger and better ways.

This collection of photos represents my life experiences in the last six months: hanging out with friends at night appreciating the wonderful settings Marin has to offer, to riding bikes all over Mt. Tam, the Headlands, West Marin, and Novato, to experiencing the slightly more urban scenes when going out to eat in San Rafael. Whether riding, relaxing, or exploring, I constantly immerse myself in the fantastic scenes the places around me have to offer. These photos simply portray the way I see it all.


— Max Houtzager