SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Zach Isen PhotoI’ve been painting since I can remember. I’ve always lived in an environment that has fostered creativity and I was introduced to almost all art forms before I entered Kindergarten. I don’t think that painting is something that comes naturally. It’s something that can be developed and I believe that what appears to be inherent talent is only the manifestation of my early interest and love for art which created a drive to further my skills. I have always loved painting and all art in general. Art is simply the creation of something and the expression of a feeling or idea through mediums other than words. I feel that humans are meant to create and I feel almost as if I am fulfilling my purpose as a human when I create. I am most accustomed to painting with acrylic and it is the easiest for me because I know it so well. Experimenting with other materials is hard at first, but also more fulfilling. It is especially difficult when I feel as if I am trying to prove something to others around me or trying to make “good” artwork, but when that falls away and I revert to a childlike state, where I am free of concern and am able to play, I love to experiment. That’s the best feeling.