SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Tania Houtzager PhotoI have been taking photographs since I was twelve years old, but I only began taking courses in my sophomore year of high school. Photography is meaningful to me because it allows me to find the beautiful in the ordinary and show it to others. I am hopelessly dedicated to black and white film. I love the intimacy and control of developing prints in a darkroom. However, I also use digital photography when circumstances do not allow me to carry all of my old-school equipment.

I have found that I have a fascination with places, particularly ones that appear to hold a history. I find it inspiring when a building or property shows battle scars and is crumbling back into nature. I also enjoy capturing the interaction between people and their environment. I never plan my shots ahead of time, and I prefer to be spontaneous. My intention is to bring out the beauty, individuality and mystery of things that are overlooked.

Before I took up photography, I was completely into painting and drawing. I started creating art when I was four and my dad put a paintbrush in my hand. I definitely think this influenced the way I take pictures. For example, I would not have any sense of composition if I had not been painting. The way the two art forms connect for me is that both are mediums with which I can express how I see the world and with which I can communicate my messages and ideas. I enjoy creating visual art because it allows me to present an emotion or message that I otherwise could not express with words.