SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Aaron Brown PortraitI started photography in my sophomore year. For me, photography is a way to give people a window into a different perspective. I can try and give people a glimpse into what I see when I raise the camera to my eye. Shooting photos is always exhilarating for me. It's almost a secret that no one else can understand; I have hole into a world that is completely unseen by the many people passing by. To have that, and to share it with others, is a great part of my love in shooting.

The photos in this exhibition are all shot on black and white film. I scan the negatives and digitally process them, working with contrasts, levels and other variables. I shoot street photography, so it would be difficult to choose one area that makes up my 'main subject'. Architecture interests me, but so does human interactions, geometric shapes, or just plain odd moments caught in time. I try to wander aimlessly when I'm shooting, without a major plan. That way, nothing is structured and I'm free to shoot anything that catches my eye.

The exhibition is a collection of photos from over a long period of time. They represent large slices of my life. Each one has a story behind, a moment in my life that I captured with my camera. The moment now is past, but the story behind each photo remains, frozen in a picture. I want to bring those frozen moments out and display them for all to see.