SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


“Photography which is captivating requires the command of three fundamental elements: an artistic eye, a creative ability, and technical skill. All three elements combine to reduce images, which reflect our inner state of being and feelings at the moment. In the midst of the excitement and quest to capture an image, the intimate connection with our emotional state is crucial to elucidate the feelings intended for a photograph. Photography provides us the medium to express the experiences words cannot reach.”

Edgar Angelone is a fine art photographer. Born and raised in Argentina, he was the only member of his family with artistic inclinations. Trained in the medical science, he has been involved in the arts since he was a child. First, as a musician and now as a fine art photographer, he finds art as a unique expression of his experience as a human being.

Angelone learned photography primarily by doing it. His informal education followed the path well worn by many photographers of his generation: Kodak manuals, the Ansel Adams series; local photo clubs and trial exhibits in coffee shops and restaurants.

Despite his busy career in Neuropsychology, Angelone has found time for his art. Since his return to photography in 2003, he has won a number of prestigious black and white international competitions, has been published in photography magazines and has had a number of solo and group shows in California. Some of his work resides in the collections of Marin County Civic Center and Nature Conservancy private collection.