SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art

Artist Statement


Seth Temple AndrewsA first impression starts before anything is said between two people - it starts with a visual impression. A thought that has lingered in my head for as long as I have been doing art is "How can I make my art visually pleasing at its first impression?" I always ask myself this question when I am creating a work of art.

I started photography in sophomore year and I see no end in sight. I try to have a unique balance of bold colors and interesting subject matter. The work I do is mainly photography, but I have also been working with acrylic paint and pencil sketches recently.

As an artist I would love to think that I have a diverse collection of pictures where one person will like one of my works of art and another person with different taste will like another one of them. I am ambitious and would like to please the masses with my artwork.

For me, photography is my outlet into the creative world. In a different way, it is also my looking glass into reality. When I get creative I often find myself with my camera in my hand and when I am in a beautiful place, all I can think about is taking pictures.


— Seth Temple Andrews