SAM THE BUTCHER contemporary art
About the Gallery Title

Sam the Butcher Gallery - Inside at an ExhibitionSam the Butcher was a Ross institution for over 30 years, until a combination of competition from nearby supermarkets and a devastating flood caused its closure in January 2006. In May, 2006, Kabouter Management and the Kabouter Foundation took over the space, and remodeled it to make it suitable for the display of art. 

The Kabouter Foundation, using the name Sam the Butcher Contemporary Art, assists emerging artists by putting on exhibitions, publishing print and online catalogs, and helping artists out with publicity.  By doing these things, we hope to get the artists much needed exposure to the public and to potential buyers.  The Kabouter Foundation is a non-profit organization and its services are provided to both student and established artists free of charge. Kabouter Management is in the business of investing in foreign equity markets on behalf of a limited number of high net worth individuals and family offices.  It coexists peacefully with the Kabouter Foundation, which helps artists in the ways described above, and attempts to promote an appreciation of contemporary art generally.

On average, we hope to present six exhibitions per year, primarily featuring the work of established artists, but occasionally that of students artists as well (for example, we have in the past shown student work from Redwood, Branson, and Urban high schools). 

Buying art
We do not sell the art in the gallery, but we do provide pricing of the art and we refer interested parties to the artists.  Purchases are arranged directly with the artists. This method has numerous benefits.  It eliminates any commercial relationship between ourselves and the artists which means we can focus on the areas where we add the most value – putting on shows, publishing paper and online catalogs, and helping out with publicity.  It also means we have the luxury of featuring work that might be exciting and significant from an artistic/esthetic standpoint without having to worry about whether it is commercially viable. Finally, our system also promotes closer contact between the art buyer and the artist, which we feel benefits both.  Buying a painting is more meaningful and fun if you have a dialogue with the painter, and from the painter’s standpoint, knowing who the buyer is adds to the job satisfaction (no one becomes a painter in order to get rich, so job satisfaction is important).

Origins of our odd name
We wanted to keep the giant Sam the Butcher sign on the side of the building, so we purchased it from Sam’s son, along with the rights to the use the name.

Public access to the Gallery
We are open to the public to view the art during the times when we are present in the gallery and not too busy working for our investment clients. For potential clients seriously interested in art, we are available for appointments, including on some weekends and evenings.

Gallery hours
The hours are somewhat random. You can either come by and peek through the window to see if we are free, or you can make an appointment by calling us at 415-902-1019.

Sam the Butcher Art Gallery